NYALA Digital Asset AG: Pioneering Tokenized Stocks in Germany 

In a groundbreaking move, NYALA Digital Asset AG has become the first company in Germany to issue tokenized shares to its shareholders. This significant development marks a milestone in the application of blockchain technology to traditional financial markets. 

The Legal Framework 

The issuance of tokenized securities is made possible by the recently enacted The Financing for the Future Act (Zukunftsfinanzierungsgesetz). This legislation paves the way for the digitization of securities and aims to modernize the German financial sector. NYALA’s initiative demonstrates the practical implementation of new laws, including the Electronic Securities Act (eWpG). 

How It Works 

NYALA utilizes its licensed registry, the Smart Registry GmbH, to issue electronically registered shares based on blockchain technology. Here’s how it works: 

  • Tokenization: The process begins with tokenization, where NYALA transforms traditional paper shares into digital tokens using its tokenization Engine. Each token represents a portion of ownership in the company.  
  • Blockchain Infrastructure: The heart of NYALA’s system lies in the utilization of blockchain technology. Once tokenized, these digital shares are securely stored on a blockchain- in this case Polygon. Blockchain ensures transparency, immutability, and security in the entire lifecycle of the shares. Each transaction, from issuance to transfer, is recorded in a decentralized and tamper-proof ledger, providing a transparent and auditable history of ownership. 
  • Smart Contracts: Smart contracts, self-executing pieces of code that run on the blockchain, play a crucial role. They automate and enforce the terms of the shares, ensuring that shareholders receive their entitled rights, like dividends. This automation streamlines administrative processes, reducing the need for intermediaries and minimizing the potential for errors. 
  • Decentralized Storage: The use of a decentralized storage system enhances security. Traditional centralized databases are vulnerable to hacking and manipulation, whereas decentralized storage on the blockchain makes it extremely difficult for any single entity to control or compromise the entire system. This ensures that shareholder data and ownership records are secure and resistant to unauthorized alterations. 
  • Shareholder Benefits: Shareholders receive digital tokens that mirror the rights and privileges associated with traditional shares. This includes voting rights in company decisions and entitlement to dividends. The digital nature of these tokens facilitates efficient and instantaneous transferability, making the entire process of buying and selling shares more accessible and cost-effective. 

How we did it: 

  1. Articles of Association: We took a proactive stance by incorporating the provision for issuing tokenized shares directly into our Articles of Association. This foundational legal step allowed us to set the stage for leveraging the transformative benefits of blockchain technology in the issuance and management of electronic shares. 
  2. ISIN Acquisition: Recognizing the importance of unique identification, we collaborated with our partner, WM Datenservice, to obtain International Securities Identification Numbers (ISINs) for our tokenized shares. This ensures that each token is distinctly identifiable, meeting both regulatory and industry standards. 
  3. Creation of Wallets for Shareholders: We facilitated the creation of digital wallets for our shareholders. Whether through a manual process or a user-friendly front-end subscription flow, this step marked the transition from traditional paper shares to digital tokens, laying the foundation for efficient and secure share ownership. 
  4. Token Issuance: Our tokens are created to include on-chain elements crucial for shares, such as links to the Terms of Issue and other enriched metadata. This ensures that the digital representation of shares on the blockchain captures all necessary information, maintaining regulatory compliance and transparency in the tokenization process. 
  5. Token Distribution: Leveraging our proprietary Tokenization Engine, we seamlessly distributed tokens to our investors’ wallets. This technological solution not only ensures a smooth and secure transfer of ownership rights but also provides our shareholders with a digital representation of their investments, enhancing their overall experience. 
  6. Notification to BaFin: Upholding transparency and compliance, we utilized our licensed registrar, Smart Registry GmbH, to notify the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and other relevant authorities about the terms of issuance (as per Sec 5 and Sec 20 eWpG). This commitment adds an extra layer of accountability to our tokenization process, aligning it with regulatory standards. 

The Impact 

NYALA Digital Asset AG’s move into tokenized shares in Germany is far-reaching, influencing various aspects of the financial landscape and providing a glimpse into the potential future of securities trading.  

  • Efficiency and Cost Reduction: Tokenized shares bring a significant boost to efficiency by streamlining administrative processes. The elimination of paperwork and manual verification processes reduces the time and resources traditionally associated with securities transactions. This efficiency extends to lower transaction costs, benefiting both the issuing company and the investors. 
  • Accessibility and Fractional Ownership: The digitization of shares facilitates fractional ownership, making it feasible for smaller investors to participate in assets that were previously out of reach. Fractional ownership allows investors to diversify their portfolios with smaller amounts of capital, democratizing access to a broader range of investment opportunities. 
  • Liquidity Enhancement: Tokenized shares, being tradable 24/7, contribute to enhanced market liquidity. Unlike traditional stock markets with specific trading hours, this continuous trading capability accommodates global investors across different time zones. Increased liquidity benefits both buyers and sellers by providing more flexibility in executing trades and potentially reducing bid-ask spreads. 
  • Global Accessibility: The use of blockchain technology allows for a borderless and global marketplace. Investors from different parts of the world can seamlessly participate in the tokenized shares, breaking down geographical barriers. This opens up new avenues for international investment and diversification. 
  • Innovation in Capital Markets: NYALA’s initiative sets the stage for innovation in capital markets. The adoption of blockchain technology for securities issuance can pave the way for new financial products and services. As more companies explore similar avenues, traditional financial markets may witness a broader shift towards digitalization and innovative financial instruments. 

NYALA’s Vision 

NYALA Digital Asset AG envisions a transformative future in the financial landscape through its pioneering initiative of issuing tokenized shares in Germany. Our vision encompasses the establishment of a marketplace for electronic shares by 2025. This marketplace would serve as a hub for trading tokenized securities, providing investors with access to a novel asset class. NYALA aims to facilitate more efficient capital raising for companies while offering diverse investment opportunities for a global audience.  

NYALA’s commitment to embracing blockchain technology underscores our role as a catalyst for the digital revolution in traditional financial markets, setting the stage for a dynamic and innovative financial ecosystem. As NYALA advances towards our vision, we not only reshape the way securities are issued and traded but also contribute to the broader evolution of the financial industry towards a more accessible, transparent, and technologically advanced future. 


NYALA’s introduction of tokenized shares in Germany, facilitated by the Future Promotion Act and the Electronic Securities Act, marks a transformative milestone in the convergence of traditional finance and blockchain technology. Through a streamlined process of tokenization and blockchain infrastructure, NYALA enhances efficiency, accessibility, and liquidity in the issuance and trading of electronic shares. The impact extends to cost reduction, fractional ownership, and global market accessibility, fostering a more inclusive investment landscape. As more companies explore this path, the financial landscape is poised for a digital revolution.
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