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Fund Tokenization Future proof your fund

Our platform transforms the issuance, trading, and management of fund units, enabling users to tap into new opportunities within the digital asset realm.

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Tokenization brings unique benefits for Funds

Enhanced Liquidity and Market Access

Fund unit tokens enable 24/7 trading on global digital platforms, offering unprecedented liquidity for traditionally illiquid assets within the fund.

Improved Asset Fractionalization and Ownership

Tokenization breaks down fund units into smaller, tradable fractions, expanding accessibility to a broader investor base. This democratization of ownership opens investment opportunities once reserved for institutional investors.

Reduced Transaction Costs and Intermediaries

Traditional fund transactions often involve intermediaries like brokers and banks, leading to higher costs and prolonged settlement times. Fund unit tokenization streamlines the process, cutting intermediaries and associated fees.

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Automate and become more Efficient

  • Efficiency and Reduced Intermediaries: Tokenization streamlines the process, eliminating multiple intermediaries and reducing administrative overhead compared to traditional methods.
  • Rapid Scaling and Project Growth: Tokenization enables swift and efficient scaling of environmental projects as popularity and investor interest grow, facilitating the realization of larger conservation objectives.
  • Immutable Proof of Impact: Fund unit tokens provide an immutable record of a project’s impact, which can be leveraged to attract further funding and demonstrate tangible outcomes to stakeholders and regulators.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

  • Transparency and Accountability: Blockchain-based transparency ensures accountability and trust among stakeholders, addressing a common shortfall in traditional fundraising methods.
  • Global Reach and Collaboration: Tokenization transcends geographical barriers, enabling investors worldwide to engage in projects that resonate with them. This fosters global collaboration and amplifies conservation efforts.

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Reduce the need for costly third party services

Reduced dependence on third parties

Tokenisation significantly reduces the need to rely on costly, centralised third-party services.

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Asset Management

Tokenisation enables efficient tracking and verification of ownership in real time, reducing administrative costs.

Improved transparency

The blockchain-based nature of tokenization provides a transparent and immutable record of ownership and transactions.

NYALA At the forefront of innovation in digital assets

Bank level security

Our platform employs bank-level security measures to protect your tokenized assets and information.

Regulatory Compliance

NYALA is licensed under the German eWpG to issue fully compliant tokenized securities.

Simple interface integration

An SDK that enables the integration of our tokenization engine into your platform's interface to ensure a seamless investor experience.

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