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Tokenization platform Issue digital assets on the blockchain

Tokenization is the process of digitally securitizing assets using blockchain technology. By representing real-world assets as digital tokens, tokenization opens up vast opportunities for both investors and asset owners. These tokens, known as security tokens, can represent various financial instruments like equity, bonds, or funds, as well as tangible assets such as real estate or art.

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Simplify your placements of securities with NYALA‘s tokenization platform


whether the token should be a regulated security token, an NFT, or another type of asset.


the blockchain protocol to issue the tokens e.g. Stellar, Polygon or Algorand.


under ERC3643 standard, built for the issuance, management, and transfer of real-world asset tokenization.


investors' data, whitelist eligible investors and restrict others.


a crypto custodian or connect your own.

What are the benefits of tokenization?

Benefits for issuers

Increase your investor network by making investment opportunities more divisible.

Raise capital efficiently with easy, fast, and cheap issuances.

Issue securities without the need for a costly CSD.

Receive fees when the securities you issued are later traded.

Benefits for investors

New investment opportunities into previously hardly investable assets.

Simple investment experience with no additional hurdle

Cost-effective transaction fees with fewer intermediaries involved.

Secondary markets to exit investments easily

Start tokenizing in just a few days

Integrate with your platform

Integrate with your platform

Connect your existing platform and interface to NYALA's tokenization engine via API for a hassle-free setup or use our web application.

Automate investor onboarding

Automate investor onboarding

Streamline the investor onboarding process with automated wallet opening requests.

Issue tokens

Issue tokens

Easily issue tokens to investors using our via our web app or API to minimize manual efforts.

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Which customers use NYALA?

SME crowdfunding

  • Path Close the SME funding gap by issuing tokenized securities
  • Path Increase accessibility and transparency
  • Path Tokenized securities can be easily traded on secondary markets, for additional liquidity.

More about crowdfunding

Real estate financing

  • Path Fractionalize tokens for more affordable investments
  • Path Simplify the issuance process
  • Path Enable real-time tracking of asset ownership

More about real estate

Investment funds

  • Path Issue tokenized fund units via our crypto registrar
  • Path Make fund units more transferable and liquid
  • Path Reduce minimum investment amounts for investors

More about funds


  • Path Become future-proof by embracing the future of financial assets
  • Path Reduce costly reliance on centralized third-parties
  • Path Enable T+0 settlements

More about banks

Renewable projects financing

  • Path Close the funding gap in renewable energy projects
  • Path Ensure the highest levels of transparency
  • Path Benefit from supply chain financing

More about renewables

With a few clicks Digital assets the way you need them

All-in-one platform

Our tokenization platform allows you to easily tokenize assets and manage your issuances and their investors in real-time.

  • Path Fast and easy to use
  • Path Onboard and manage investors

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The NYALA Digital Asset platform leverages modern API solutions to integrate all elements of digital assets into your existing systems.

  • Path Simple integration
  • Path Use your existing front-end

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More than €20M worth of tokens issued.

Already, Invesdor has conducted more than 20 issuances to over 3,000 individual investors. These issuances represent a total value of over €20M. The process of tokenization has also led to time-savings, as process is now entirely digital and automated, this dramatically reducing the amount of manual work required compared to a traditional issuance.

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