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Developing a secondary market for tokenized securities Unlock trading of your digital assets

Connect your platform to NYALA's ecosystem to increase liquidity and attract a larger investor base.

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Secondary market for tokenized securities Capitalize on the benefits of digital assets

Get ready to join an on-chain trading ecosystem with a network of partner platforms. Provide your investors a pathway to liquidity and tradability for their investments.

One ecosystem

One ecosystem

Issuers, crowdfunding platforms, investors and other relevant players are easily integrated to form a secondary market.

Boost liquidity

Boost liquidity

Increase liquidity and provide flexibility for investors to exit their positions, attracting a larger investor base and reducing cost of capital.

Additional revenue

Additional revenue

Access additional revenue streams from transaction fees, listing fees, and other value-added services.

A solution embedded within your platform

Integrated provider

The infrastructure brings all the different required stakeholders together.

Highly customizable

Decide on which external platforms your investment projects can be listed and traded.

Your customers

Extend your offer while maintaining your client relationships and data within your domain.

eWpG lawbook

Regulatory framework

The EU's DLT Pilot Regime creates a regulatory sandbox for trading and settlement of digital assets based on Distributed Ledger Technology. Under this regime, market participants can test innovative financial services and explore the potential of blockchain technology in a supervised manner.

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