Gateway to tokenization

Tokenization for Banks Become future-proof ​

NYALA's tokenization platform revolutionizes the way assets are issued, traded, and managed - enabling banks to stay ahead of the curve in the digital asset space. ​

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Gateway to tokenization

End-to-End Solution for Security Token Management​

NYALAs tokenization platform provides a complete solution for the lifecycle management of digital assets, including regulated securities such as bonds and more. Seamlessly manage the entire process from token issuance, including secure custody solution, to efficient distribution across multiple blockchain protocols. Our platform integrates with trusted partners, facilitating simplified issuance processes and offering secure custody solutions, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience for asset tokenization and distribution.

End-to-end Tokenization Platform Dashboard

The Platform for the Future of Finance ​

Tokenized Securities​

Issue compliant tokenized securities and register them with our BaFin-licensed Crypto Securities Registry.


Connect your platform to NYALA's upcoming trading ecosystem to increase liquidity and attract a larger investor base.​

Integrated Custody​

Securely store and manage your tokenized securities through our integrated third-party custody solutions. Benefit from a bank-level infrastructure while maintaining compliance with regulatory standards.​

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The Execution Layer of your digital securities operations​

NYALAs platform is designed to be a part of your operations without causing any disruptions:

  • Schedule the transaction of tokens, interest payments and position reports
  • Rules and responsibilities can be coded into the tokens to ensure compliance across the lifecycle

Seamlessly connect to our API​

The NYALA Digital Asset Platform leverages modern API solutions to integrate digital assets into your existing systems.

  • Simple integration: The NYALA Digital Asset Platform is designed for simple integration with your system.
  • Use your existing front-end: You don’t need to overhaul your interface; instead, the platform adapts to your front-end infrastructure. 
  • Ready for Issuing Regulated Securities: Our native integration with financial data provider WM Datenservice streamlines your tokenized securities issuance process, with ISIN and LEI
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Prepare to join an upcoming on-chain trading ecosystem with a network of partner platforms. Provide your investors a pathway to liquidity and tradability for their investments.​ Get ready for a tokenized Marketplace​

Increase Liquidity and Market Participation

Attract a diverse range of participants to the secondary marketplace to increase liquidity and create a dynamic trading environment.​

Innovate and Adapt

Stay ahead of the curve by adapting the coming market trends and user demands.​

Additional Revenue

Access additional revenue streams from transaction fees, listing fees, and other value-added services.​

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At the Forefront of Asset Tokenization​

​More than 20% of tokenized Assets under the German eWpG are tokenized by NYALA or its subsidiary Smart Registry GmbH

NYALA Why Financial Institutions choose NYALAs Platform to tokenize ​

Banking Expertise

Track record of providing successful banking digital asset solutions.

Banking Level Security

Our platform deploys bank-level security measures to protect your tokenized assets and sensitive information.

Regulatory Compliance

Licensed to issue regulatory compliant tokenized securities under German eWpG

Easy interface integration

SDK that allows integration of our tokenization engine into your platform's interface for seamless investor experience.

Lifecycle management​

Our Engine supports the entire security lifecycle​

Platform model​

Seamlessly connect and integrate with 3rd parties.​

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