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European Crowdfunding Service Provider Regulation ECSPR - What to expect?

This regulation aims to unify requirements for Crowdfunding Service Providers (CSPs) within Europe.
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ECSPR A harmonized approach

Crowdfunding has revolutionized fundraising by connecting projects with a network of individuals contributing through digital channels. Diverse national regulations created a fragmented landscape, hindering cross-border operations within the EU. In 2021, the ECSPR came into effect, offering a harmonized legal framework to regulate crowdfunding across EU.

Explore opportunities and challenges brought by the ECSPR. Download the guide to gain insights into this transformative regulatory landscape and stay informed about the evolving crowdfunding ecosystem.

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NYALA Tokenization Platform Unique advantages for Crowdfunding Platforms

Cost and Efficiency

Smart contracts streamline crowdfunding by automating tasks such as investor verification and token issuance, reducing administrative complexities and costs associated with traditional fundraising.

International Investor Base

Break down geographical barriers and enables crowdfunding platforms to attract a global investor base especially across the EU, since ECSPR allows for cross-border operations.

Fractional Ownership

Increased market accessibility by allowing fractional ownership and enabling participation from a wider range of investors, fostering liquidity and growth.

Secondary Market Opportunities

Tokenized bonds can be easily traded on secondary markets, generating additional revenue streams for your business and creating liquidity for your investors.

Dynamic Inscribable Data on Chain

Incorporate dynamic inscribable data on-chain allowing investors to access real-time information, facilitating informed investment decisions.

The NYALA tokenization platform Tailored for the Crowdfunding industry


whether the token should be a regulated security token, an NFT, or another type of asset.


the blockchain protocol to issue the tokens e.g. Stellar, Polygon or Algorand.


under ERC3643 standard, built for the issuance, management, and transfer of real-world asset tokenization.


our turnkey crypto custodian or connect your own.


investors' data, whitelist eligible investors and restrict others.

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