Nyala Meeting

In good hands Our Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board alongside with the team makes valuable contribution to the success of Nyala as well. Its members advice our management on crucial corporate governance issues and support us with their experience and knowledge of the market in the day-to-day development of our business model.

Nyala Meeting

Andreas Leckelt

is a seasoned entrepreneur and investor, with a focus on such fields as financial services technology ("fintech") and blockchain. He is the CEO and principal shareholder of Comvest Holding AG, a private equity firm based in Berlin. Mr. Leckelt is also a supervisory board member of several companies, including the European financing platform Invesdor and the digital asset manager wevest.

Eric Romba

is a partner at OsborneClarke law firm. Mr. Romba advises on wide range of issues, such as investment law, banking and capital market (supervisory) law in the primary and secondary market, capital market law as a gateway to digitalization (e.g. digital distribution processes), as well as crypto assets, security tokens, e-securities and crypto custody.

Ralf Wohltmann

is Director of the Pension Fund of the Berlin Chamber of Dentists. Wohltamnn started this position in the year 2000 and focused, among other things, on the restructuring of this institution. He is also responsible for the Pension Fund´s direct and indirect sharholdings in fintech companies.

Christine Holzheu

is Head of Portfolio Management at the Pension Fund of the Berlin Chamber of Dentists. She supervises the pension fund’s active investments in all asset classes, in particular direct and indirect shareholdings in fintech companies. She is also a member of the supervisory board of Invesdor, the European financing platform.

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