Emission tokenisierter Vermögenswerte

Tokenized assets Issue digital assets on the blockchain

Germany recently introduced legislation that allows for fully digital securities. Through the Digital Asset Platform, you register your issuance on the blockchain protocol of your choice, set up a digital safe-deposit box for all qualified investors, and deliver the security tokens to them.

Emission tokenisierter Vermögenswerte

Benefits of digitized assets Digital assets for the secondary market


Anyone can access information on the blockchain within seconds - permissions to review information can be easily managed


Unlike centralized data structures blockchains do not have a single-point-of-failure


Faster settlement and cheaper custody as a prerequisite for trading


Tokens are transferable within milliseconds at almost zero cost. The conditions for transferability can be defined by the user and programmed into the blockchain

Know-How Here us how the purchase of tokenized securities works

Token Issuance

A token refers to an entry on the blockchain that, for example, identifies an investor as the owner of an asset

Wallet Opening

The holder has access to his token via a so-called private key. It is stored securely in a digital safe-deposit box (wallet). The custody process is subject to authorization (BaFin)

Registrar Services

The important information on digital securities is recorded in a register. The maintenance of the register is subject to approval (BaFin)

Registered Securities

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