Emission tokenisierter Vermögenswerte

Tokenization Issue digital assets on the blockchain

Tokenization is the process of converting a real asset and its rights, into a digital representation on the blockchain. ​ By using blockchain, rights that would otherwise be embodied in a physical document can be represented in the form of a Token.​ ​ Tangible assets, such as art, fashion, real estate, company shares, and financial instruments can be tokenized.

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Emission tokenisierter Vermögenswerte

Benefits of digitized assets


Anyone can access information on the blockchain within seconds - permissions to review information can be easily managed


Unlike centralized data structures blockchains do not have a single-point-of-failure


Faster settlement and cheaper custody as a prerequisite for trading


Tokens are transferable within milliseconds at almost zero cost. The conditions for transferability can be defined by the user and programmed into the blockchain

Know-How Here from us how the purchase of tokenized securities works

Token Issuance

A token refers to an entry on the blockchain that, for example, identifies an investor as the owner of an asset

Wallet Opening

The holder has access to his token via a so-called private key. It is stored securely in a digital safe-deposit box (wallet). The custody process is subject to authorization (BaFin)

Registrar Services

The important information on digital securities is recorded in a register. The maintenance of the register is subject to approval (BaFin)

Registered Securities

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