Tokenization Issue digital assets on the blockchain

Tokenization is the process of recording claims as a digital representation on a blockchain. This can include claims to tangible assets such as art, fashion, real estate and also financial securities such as bearer bonds (under the German eWpG).

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Streamline your placement with NYALA‘s Tokenization Engine


whether the token should be a regulated security, an NFT, or another type of asset.


the blockchain protocol to issue the tokens e.g. Stellar, Polygon or Algorand.


investors' data, whitelist eligible investors and restrict others.


a licensed crypto custodian or connect your own.

With a few clicks Digital Assets the way you need them

All-In-One Platform

Our All-In-One Platform allows you to easily tokenize assets and manage your issuances and their investors in real-time.

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Onboard and manage investors

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The NYALA Digital Asset Platform leverages modern API solutions to integrate all elements of digital assets into your existing systems.

  • Seamless and simple integration
  • Use your existing front-end

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Benefits for Issuers

Increase your investor network by making investment opportunities more divisible.

Raise capital efficiently with easy, fast, and cheap issuances.

Receive fees when the securities you issued are later traded.

Simplified investor communication for shareholder voting.

Benefits for Investors

Investment into securities without the need for a custodian.

Cost-Effective transaction fees and fewer intermediaries involved.

New investment opportunities into previously hardly investable assets.

Peer-to-peer marketplaces & simplified price discovery for illiquid assets.

Tokenization glossary

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